We have some amazing resources available to help us with our mission of transforming lives.  Click on the links below to find out more about some of these amazing resources and materials.

Catch The Fire TV

It’s our great pleasure and privilege to share everything that He’s done, and everything He’s showing us, with a digitally connected world. Revival meetings stream out over YouTube each time we gather in Toronto, allowing for lives to be touched and the message of God’s transforming love spread far and wide. Over 10,000 people subscribe to our YouTube Channel, CatchTheFire.TV, where you can re-watch meetings and events from the last 10 years and counting. In the last 365 days, over 24 million minutes of video have been watched!

Revival Magazine

To keep the news of revival alive, we collect interviews, articles and reviews and publish new content regularly at Over 6000 people each month come and read current stories of revival and what God is doing around the world.  If you are a budding writer and are interested in be a contributing author, we are always look to hear from you. If you have an amazing testimony that needs to be shared send it to us!  We want to share revival with as many people as possible, so share your story!

Catch The Fire Books

As the Lord speaks, we also write it down. Catch The Fire Books publishes revival-fueled books by those whose lives have been changed by God’s love. Each time we read a book review, it’s really a testimony of what God is doing in someone’s life. Our print and ebooks are available directly from us, as well as from bookstores and ebook marketplaces all around the world.

Catch The Fire Music

As with the written word, so also with the voice and the musical instruments! Each Catch The Fire church has incredible, anointed teams of worshippers who offer up sweet incense of praise and adoration to our King. Catch The Fire Music releases these recordings so that you can enter a place of praise wherever you find yourself.